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Date of Issue: July 6th
Closing date: July 30th
Closing time: 7:00 PM
Top 5 Announcement: August 6st
Public Voting Starts: August 7th
Public Voting Ends/Winner Announced: August 11th

The Concept
We are excited to announce a contest for a small branding/logo project to create a limited-edition sticker that accompanies the release of our newest limited strain – dosi-GMOsi #6! All our strains are the result of an in-depth phenohunt which keeps each cultivar unique. As a result, each of our strains has a different vibe and we want to represent that through elements of colour, typography, and style of imagery. OGEN sees this opportunity to work with the Canadian arts community to develop a logo/sticker design that allows for the unique perspective and styles of artists to shine through in this initiative.

The Strain – The flowers from dosi-GMOsi #6 have dense, stacked bracts that shift from lime green to dark purple at the tips – though these colours are often masked by its intense canopy of trichomes. The Diesel and sweet citrus bouquet from Do-Si-Dos is overly apparent but the subtle savory spice from GMO creates a balanced funky aroma that is out of this world!

Selection and Project Details
An internal group at OGEN will make the initial selections from submissions and choose a list of top 5 finalists which will then be made known to the public for final selection. The design must showcase certain elements of the strain, including: a visual reference to flavour; usage of strain brand colour as a main element (C: 87 M: 74 Y:0 K:0) and printable/readable at a size of 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

Artists who have been selected as the ‘Top 5’ will be advised they have been selected prior to the public selection beginning. After public voting, the winner will win top prize while the 4 other finalists will receive an OGEN Prize Pack.
Top Prize: $250 +OGEN Prize Pack

Please submit your designs (EPS or PNG preferred) by email and labeled with your name.
Submit to community@ogencannabis.com no later than 7PM, Friday July 30th.
If you have any questions relating to the contest, please contact Luke Dickson at ldickson@ogencannabis.com