Pheno #87

The Ultimate Cake


Bacio Punch #8

How It Was Made

Cultivation Process

Its buds develop throughout the flower stage with heavy, huge bracts that stack on top of each other protruding every which way. The purple hues appear in late flower in tandem with its sangria like aroma just as it starts reach maturity.

Terpene Profile

β-Caryophyllene Spicy & Peppery

β-Myrcene Herbal & Earthy

Humulene Hoppy & Earthy

a-Pinene Piney & Earthy






Diesel dominates here for this heavy, heady aroma, complimented by a sweet kiss of floral and sangria-like notes


Round green nugs with pointy bracts, caked in gooey trichomes and high- lighted by its golden pistils


WARNING - may get stuck to anything and everything


Initial sweet floral notes that transfer to a more fruity/citrusy taste on ex- hale

Final Thoughts

Feels like Scotty beamed you right into the lounger on a warm sunny beach with crashing of waves. You know what that means - no plan to move anytime soon!